Through most of the 1970s I owned and operated a camera repair shop. I have quite a few parts left over that I just hate to throw away. I also have a lot of parts for projectors and other audio visual equipment. Brands like Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Bell & Howell, Singer, and many more. Write me and I will send you a complete list.

contact me at Walt



I also have the following "parts" cameras for sale. These are in various states of disassembly. The estimated percent complete is given for each. Please add $6.00 each for shipping and handling in the continental U.S.

Copal S shutter(s)   $5.00
Cosmorex SE (Zenit?) w. 50/2.8 90% complete $5.00
Konica Auto S-2 50% complete $5.00
Konica Auto S-2, no body 30% complete $5.00
Kowa SER, 50/2 95% complete $5.00
Kowa SET, no lens 90% complete $5.00
Mamiya 500 DTL, no lens 80% complete $5.00
Mamiya DTL, no lens 40% complete $5.00
Mamiya 500 TL 90% complete $5.00
Pentax H3v, 50/1.8, no body 40% complete $5.00
Praktica LTL 3, no lens 70% complete $5.00
Topcon UNI, no lens 80% complete $5.00
Topcon UNI, no lens 95% complete $5.00
Yashica Electro 35-GS 95% complete $5.00
Yashica TL Super body 80% complete $5.00
Yashica Electro 35 (3) 60% complete $5.00