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Wednesday, 5/18/2005 – Just a brief drive from Flagstaff to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. Spectacular. Everyone should see this.

These are parts of the Bright Angel Trail, one of the trails to the river:

We saw a California Condor. They have a nine foot wingspan and were almost extinct. The one in the photo has a number tag on it.

Our hotel room overlooked the canyon. Deer wandered wherever they pleased. Here's one just outside our window:

We had dinner at the Bright Angel Lodge. The staff all wear name tags that include the state or country that they're from. Our waiter was from Iowa, so I told him that I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. Turns out he was from Waterloo. So we asked if he knew the Etten family. It turns out that he did! Small world.

The most fantastic lighting is around sunset:

The lobby of the old El Tovar lodge:

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