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Friday, 5/20/2005 – We spent the morning heading east from Grand Canyon village, exiting the national park around midday. This is old El Tovar Lodge in Grand Canyon Village:

The shiny spot on the ridge in the photo below is actually an outhouse on the trail that we hiked yesterday:

This tower is called the Desert Inn near the East end of the park:

After leaving the park we drove through a Navaho reservation. At just about every wide spot in the road there was a group primitive stands that sold crafty stuff, mostly jewelry and pottery, out in the blazing sun:

Had a nice meal at a Navaho restaraunt in Gray Mountain, AZ. The waitress poudly told us about winning $900 in the lottery and opening a savings account for her grandaughter, giving her half.

Arrived in Sedona:

We were only able to get one night at Sedona Motel in central Sedona, recommended by a friend. The owner was able to get us a room for the following night at another motel. Later, we were sitting on a bench in front of a “jem” shop from which Laura just bought a few things. The owner came out and waved what looked like a smoking roll of newspaper. I jokingly asked if he was blessing the building. He wasn't amused. I guess they take this new age stuff seriously around here. We had dinner at a bar/restuarant right across the street from our hotel:

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