The Joe Dodge Lodge, Pinkham Notch, NH, Mt. Washington beyond.

Our deluxe accomodations in the lodge.

The start, 4200 feet up in 4.1 miles!

Crystal Cascades.

About halfway, tired, but still smiling.

We have to climb that?

YES, starting up the head wall.

Must be hallucinations, bagpipes at 5,000 ft!

Almost at the top, tired, no longer smiling.

End of the trail, still standing.

At the summit, 6288 ft. elevation.

See the circle around the highway? That's where we started.

Unusually good weather for late September.

You mean we could have ridden the train up?

Famous weather station at the summit.

Train station in North Conway, NH.

Scenic Railway, North Conway, NH.

Scenic Railway, North Conway, NH.

Snowplow, North Conway, NH.

North Conway, NH.

White Horse Ledge, near North Conway, NH.

Typical New England town with white church steeple and rocket, Warren, NH.

Ferry crossing from Vermont to Ticonderoga, NY.

"Ruah", B&B overlooking Lake George.

Morning on the porch at Ruah.