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How appropriate to find a full dresser Harley and a Citroen 2CV in a medieval town (Panzano)... all three designed in the middle ages.

A certain type of toilet we came across several times. Perfectly neat and clean, just a little awkward.

A family of cats that lived on our farm. I was surprised by the mother which had jumped in our window, even though our apartment was on the second floor. Did I mention that Italians don't believe in window screens?

The one and only gas station in Castellina. $52.00 to fill up a VW Golf! The station is crammed onto a corner of a cross road in the center of town. There is only room for cars on one side of the pumps. If you are waiting, you wait in the road, not that it slows down traffic to any noticable degree. Behind the station is a drop off into the valley. That's an old BMW 1600 in the single repair bay, by the way.

I never thought I would be standing at the Mecca of the performance automobile world. I was waiting to see if they were handing out any freebies. They weren't. This is in Maranello, just south of Modena.

This is Ferrari's newer factory at the edge of Maranello (or maybe Fiorano). This was taken through the fence. You can see several 360 Modenas, including a spyder, an F50, two older Testarossas, and a mystery car just this side of the Testarossas. I waved to the guy on the bike and he waved back. Still no freebies though.

Ferrari has a small museum near the factory in Maranello. This is just outside the front door. We were waiting for seista to be over.

The car in the background is NOT a formula 1 car. It is an Indy car that Ferrari developed but never raced.

You could walk under these two cars to see the mechanisms on their undersides.

A mid 50's sports racer at the Ferrari Museum.