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This is the "La Pergola" hotel in Bellagio on Lake Como. Our room was on the top floor, second window from the left. The hotel also had an excellent ristorante which served fish caught in the lake, among other things. Even though the building is an old monastary, it is completely modernized inside with very high quality materials. It cost about $65 per night, including breakfast.

In the morning, this is the view out our window, looking to the left. Lake Como forms an inverted "Y" on the map. Bellagio is the town that is on the west side of the pennisula at the point where the parts of the "Y" join. La Pergola was on the east side of the pennisula, just a short walk to the village.

This is the view from our window looking right, in the afternoon. As you can see, the lake is sorrounded by the Alps. In fact, Switzerland is only a short drive away.

The best way to see the lake and the villages on its edges is to take one of the various ferry boats. This one is an old side wheel steam boat that has been modernized. Where the side wheels once were, there are restrooms. If you look down the hole, you can see the lake pass beneath. We spent most of Sunday on this boat.

Bellagio, Lake Como. It was nearly dark when we got to Como, the city at one tip of the lake (Bellagio is halfway up the lake). It didn't help that we got lost and ended up going up a harrowing road, extremely narrow with blind hairpin turns, many of which couldn’t be negotiated without swerving wide into the opposite lane, such as it was. One time, I had to stop and backup before I could make the corner (this is in a VW Golf!). Going up the mountain on this road, I noticed a little white Fiat Punto was gaining on me. As it got closer, I saw that it was being driven by what appeared to be a woman at least 70 years old. Finally I pulled half into a driveway and let her pass. (It must have been a disguised race driver with a gray-haired wig.) We finally reached a small village called Brunati where Laura finally convinced me we had gone wrong. That was the good news, the bad news was that I had to turn around and go back down the same road. We finally got on the right road out of Como, but it was only slightly better and there was more traffic and the traffic was faster. Of course by this time it was completely dark. Luckily, we were on the side of the road with the cliff that goes up.

One of the many stately homes around Lake Como. The lake had been a tourist destination and home to the wealthy for hundreds of years.

Varenna, Lake Como. Varenna is less commercial than Bellagio. A nice town to walk around in and there's an old fort above the town that's an easy hike.

No matter what I said, I just couldn't get this guy to turn around.

Varenna, Lake Como. Some rain coming.

This is a spoon maker at a little shop in Bellagio, Lake Como.