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April 29, 2003 Tuesday - Drove to Lago D'Iseo, one of the smaller lakes in the north of Italy. We had no reservations, but found the lakeside Punta Dell'Est in the village of Clusane using the local tourist office (once they reopened after siesta). We had the corner room with balcony and two views of the lake. The folks at the hotel spoke no English, we had to use our halting Italian, but I guess it worked. Our room in the upper left corner.

Camere con vista d'lago e con bagno.

The food was great. I had Tench, a local fish fresh from the lake (we saw them being brought in) on the first night and char on the second night. Breakfasts were the hardiest we've seen in Italy and included some of the previous night's deserts. There's my supper, third in from the left, two down from the oar.

The view across Lago D'Iseo - a hazy day.

Fish drying for a local specialty. Laura said, look they cover them with pepper. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be nats. We didn't try it.

April 30, 2003 Wednesday - Drove around Lago D'Iseo with a side trip and a short hike to view some unusual rock formations. They appeared to be large rocks balanced on pyramids. The road up the mountain started up through a village that of course was designed for horses not two-way car and truck traffic. Lots of times, one of two cars would have to stop and wait until the other cleared a section of road. Once I had to reverse back to a wider spot in order to let the downbound vehicle proceed. Of course, all this doesn't slow the typical Italian driver in the least.

We had to drive on this road because it was the main road into town! This will make you nervous in your brand new BMW.

We had lunch lakeside in the small town of Lovere. After this, the lakeside road got really evil. Too narrow again, under outcroppings of cliffs and sometimes through narrow tunnels, shored up with anything they had available. It would have made for an amazing in-car video.

The view from our hotel on our first evening.
If I were a crow, I'd be scared.

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