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April 22, 2003 Tuesday - We left Toronto on Air Canada to Munich. The SARS scare was in full effect so we saw quite a few people at the airport with masks on.


April 23, 2003 Wednesday - Arrived in Munich at about 9:30. Got on the S-bahn with luggage to downtown station and then back out on the U-bahn to the BMW delivery center at Lillienthal 26. After a free lunch, we were introduced to our car by a young lady together with a boy (apprentice) that looked about 12. She had just gotten her drivers license a year ago.


Drove to Salzburg, about an hour away. Started seeing some nice scenery right away. Southern Bavaria, near Berchtesgaden:



Stopped at a rest area for the first pic of our new car:




Stayed at Weisses Kreutz Hotel, in the old town right under the castle. Had dinner at the hotel restaurant, each of us had a mixed plate of Balkan foods, the hotel's specialty. I had the local brew, Stiegl.



5020 Salzburg Bierjodlgasse 6

Tel (0043)-0662-845 641

Fax 0043 0662 8456419




April 24, 2003 Thursday - Explored Salzburg.


We had a very nice (but pricey) Mozart dinner concert at St. Peter's Restaurant. There were live performances by the students from Salzburg University. We talked with two Austrian ladies in the tourist trade, they were sampling the dinner concert for their first time. I had some more Stiegl.


Streets of old Salzburg "Altstadt":





At the flower and vegetable market in the square in front of Mozart's home:





This was a parking garage cut into the side of a mountain, a very sturdy parking structure:



At the center of Salzburg is the old castle, probably the largest in Europe, a fascinating place:

   The path from the old town up to the castle.

An early water closet in the prince's chamber.

An elaborate stove in the castle.



Back in town, there are plenty of cute shops, e.g. Mozart Candy:

The pretzel man:



McDonalds in old Salzburg:


St. Peter's Cemetery, where spaces are rented. The "headstones" are mainly elaborate wrought iron. Note the monks dwellings cut into the mountainside:

St. Peter's Restaurant, where the Mozart dinner concert was held:


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