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April 25, 2003 Friday - After some difficulty, left Salzburg heading for Hallstadt, Austria. On the way, we stopped for rest and took this picture, don't worry, this is the last picture of the car:

We had lunch there at lakeside. Hallstadt is beautiful village packed tightly between the lake and the mountians.

 While visiting the church, an older couple celebrating their 40th anniversary asked me to take their picture. They had been married in that church. A ladder for cats, many houses had these.


Central Austria:

Continued east and stayed the night in Hall, near Innsbruck, at the Hotel Maria Theresia, (we just found it, we had no reservations) in Halle, Austria.:


April 26, 2003 Saturday - Headed south through the Brenner Pass into Italy. Near the pass, they had 192 meter bungee junping at the famous Europa Bridge, (we didn't try it):

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