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Wednesday, Sep 5, 2012 - Arrived four hours late (see yesterday) so couldn't quite make all the stops that I planned. We picked up the car, a tiny Nissan Micra, and headed out onto the road, with an unfamiliar car, on unfamiliar roads, tired, and on the left side of the road. Our first stop was the Rock of Cashel in central Ireland.

After Cashel, we drove through a couple of towns I wanted to stop in, including Lismore. We discovered that once you leave the motorways, the roads get really narrow. When there's oncoming traffic, you have to negotiate who gets to proceed. On top of this, you can't see around curves because the roads are sorrounded by hedges, which sometimes are backed by stone walls.

This our B&B in Cobh, County Cork, the Knockeven House. Our room was on the upper left.

The living room:

We went into the Cobh town center for dinner. The town is dominated by St. Coleman's cathedral. Cobh is the port town where most of Ireland's emmigration took place. We had dinner at the Tradewinds pub restaurant.

This is where I first noticed that all the pubs have Budweiser on tap, besides the usual Guinness. The young bartender said Budweiser was her favorite. After dinner, we went right to sleep having been up since the previous day.

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