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Wednesday, Sep 12, 2012 - Had breakfast and headed for the airport for the short flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. We stayed two nights at the Fraser Suites, right in the Old Town city center. Great location for walking around, but the room's window looked out at a construction site. Bathroom was very stylish, but half the output of the shower landed on the bathroom floor.

Got a parking ticket ten minutes into our stay because I parked briefly in a permitted spot unloading. The next day, I went to the city government offices around the corner and pleaded (in writing) innocence of the parking laws. A few weeks later I got a letter cancelling the fine. Friendly people.

Spent the evening walking around this amazing city.

We saw a few very inappropriate cars for these narrow streets:

Geared for tourists, but a great city to see:

Ate this evening at Howie's restaurant on Victoria Street, sampling a couple of the local brews. There was some sort of filming going on accross the street involving some bright artificial lighting.

Since we had a little kitchenette, we planned to have yogurt and some kind of cereal for breakfast so we did a little shopping at a small Sainsbury's off Hay Market Square. Here's the view of the castle from the square.

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