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Monday, Sep 17, 2012 - Returned to Pitlochery to take a tour at Scotland's smallest whisky distillery, Edradour. There are only three workers that make the whisky, they are outnumbered by the tourguides and cashiers. The tour includes two wee drams of whisky.

The charming tour guide:

The mash tun, about 100 years old:

The copper stills, the only two they have:

The warehouse, where the whisky is aged:

Why is there an old East German Trabant at Edradour? I forgot to ask.

On the drive back to Callander, we saw this tanker truck on the road.

A former church in Callander which is now the tourist information center (a cultural statement?):


Had an Italian dinner that night at Ciro's, for a change.

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